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Discover extraordinary wedding and elopement photography services, thoughtfully crafted for couples seeking unforgettable moments amidst the scenic beauty of Como Lake and throughout Italy Discover extraordinary wedding and elopement photography services, thoughtfully crafted for couples seeking unforgettable moments amidst the scenic beauty of Como Lake and throughout Italy

a destination wedding photographer based in northern of Italy

I'm Enrico

Welcome to discover Who I am! I'm Enrico Pezzaldi, a passionate destination wedding photographer based in the enchanting northern region of Italy, where breathtaking mountains and serene lakes form the backdrop to countless love stories.

Creating a sense of closeness and trust is important to me, which is why I prefer to use first names. It's my belief that establishing a genuine connection with my clients removes barriers and fosters a sense of reliability in every aspect of our collaboration.

Before I found my calling in photography, I embarked on a remarkable journey as a flight attendant, allowing me to traverse the globe and experience the wonders of diverse cultures. From the vibrant landscapes of Africa to the ancient beauty of Israel, from the captivating allure of Japan to the ethereal landscapes of Iceland, and all the way to the charming landscapes of Canada and the vibrant colors of Brazil, each destination left an indelible mark on my heart.



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As a proud father and devoted husband, I feel deeply privileged that you have discovered my website and are contemplating me as your wedding photographer. Weddings encompass extraordinary moments that contribute to a truly extraordinary life: love, laughter, and the formation of a new family. While they are often referred to as "the big day," in reality, they mark the commencement of remarkable experiences brimming with vitality, to be embraced and cherished each day... eternally.

I am tremendously grateful to my wife, as she has been the catalyst for many blessings in my life. Together, we have been blessed with two wonderful children and have embarked on countless adventures, exploring the world and savoring every moment to the fullest. When you encounter someone who has unwavering faith in you, even beyond what you perceive in yourself, it serves as a powerful affirmation that you are indeed on the correct course.

I have an immense passion for wood - its alluring aroma and the ability to craft objects of limitless variety. As for music, I don't have a singular favorite genre, but I indulge in its melodies every single day. Countless soundtracks evoke cherished memories from different chapters of my life. The delights of fine dining and exquisite wines hold a special place in my heart. Throughout my travels to cities across the globe, I have had the privilege of savoring extraordinary culinary creations, ranging from the most sophisticated desserts to an array of exotic dishes spanning diverse cultures.

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Discover extraordinary wedding and elopement photography services, thoughtfully crafted for couples seeking unforgettable moments amidst the scenic beauty of Como Lake and throughout Italy


While Italian is my mother tongue, English has been an integral part of my life for as long as I can remember. Immersed in different languages during my travels, I absorbed the sayings, flavors, and colors that still resonate with me to this day.

Photography has become the canvas upon which I paint everlasting memories of my journeys. Over the years, it has grown within me, infused with the richness of my experiences, the depth of my studies, and the knowledge I've gained. It has become an inseparable part of who I am.

Thank you for visiting my website. I invite you to explore my portfolio and discover the beauty and joy that radiate from each photograph. If you're seeking a destination wedding photographer who not only has a keen eye for timeless imagery but also brings a wealth of cultural understanding and personal connection to your special day, I would be honored to be a part of your journey. Let's create extraordinary memories together.

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The perfect photographer and conductor.
We were looking for someone who could capture all the moments of the day, but without making it look like a photo set. Spontaneous shots and capturing everyone's emotions were our main requests.
Enrico exceeded all expectations and went even further. He was able to make the most of that day, make guests feel at ease, be a friend to everyone and everyone, he was able to handle situations with the children and was able to entertain. He also thrilled us with the final gift to us newlyweds, which I won't reveal here, but which I assure you that he will leave you in a valley of tears. Skill, professionalism, humanity and humility are the characteristics that best describe Enrico and we were happy to have had him.

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We are a young married couple, we celebrated our wedding in August 2021. The choice of Enrico Pezzaldi as photographer for our day actually took place the previous year, when, due to the coronavirus, we were forced to postpone the wedding of a year, like many other couples. Well, Enrico, with whom we had made a few video calls, was close to us during that decidedly complex period... amidst a thousand unknowns and anxieties... he always encouraged us! So the following year, finally, after discussing the location to choose, we met in May for the engagement service. It was a beautiful experience! We, initially shy in front of the "flash", were overwhelmed by Enrico's enthusiasm, we clearly perceived his competence and his passion for the art of photography. In short, a good harmony has been created. Enrico then, let's face it, has also somewhat assumed the role of wedding planner, he reminded us of dates, deadlines, he created a very useful timeline for the wedding day, which helped us keep anxiety at bay and predict the time required for everything. And then the big day arrived....Enrico, together with his excellent collaborator, knew how to "steal" absolutely spontaneous, beautiful expressions, smiles and hugs, able to touch the heart, they interpreted the many moments in a never predictable way that are created in a marriage ... in addition of course to having taken some wonderful "scenographic" photographs. The final result, the organization, the care and also the affection that Enrico has shown for us, have fully satisfied us! Really a great professional!

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Enrico was able to capture all our emotions and those of the guests during our most special day. He caught us in the most natural and authentic moments and left us with immense joy in our hearts when, at the time of delivery, we saw all our photos! It was just like reliving that wonderful day... his style is unique and decisive and his professionalism impeccable. Super Enrico, highly recommended!



Enrico convinced us immediately at the first meeting. He presented us with several package choices and we found the one that was closest to us. We also took advantage of the "pre engagement" service which allowed us to get to know him better, see how he works and above all to be able to "test" him. He immediately puts you at ease considering that not everyone likes being followed by a photographer, but everything was simple with him. With laughter and chatter, the day flew by and the photos taken are splendid: There is no doubt, we want him at the wedding. He is a precise and detailed person, he leaves nothing to chance (which is important on that day). He managed to capture all the important moments and even when you don't notice, he's there hidden to immortalize a hug, a smile or a chat while you're enjoying this day. All this allows you after a few months to relive that whole day as if it were yesterday. The photos are wonderful! I would (and will) recommend it to anyone who needs certainty.

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Enrico not only takes beautiful photographs, but tries to capture the emotions and the smallest details of every single gesture, he gets so in tune with people that he knows exactly what his subjects want to express and how they want to appear. On our wedding day he was never intrusive but rather very funny, putting us at ease, and the photos he took of us tell exactly what we are as a couple. Super recommended!



Enrico is a great professional as well as a sunny and extremely helpful person who knows how to immediately put you at ease. He puts passion into what he does and it shows that he really cares about satisfying his customers. Having done the engagement service before the wedding was fantastic because, in addition to having beautiful and original photos of the wedding day, we also have unique family photos. More than satisfied, thanks Enrico!

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When they recommended him to me for our wedding, I thought that one is as good as another but instead I was speechless both when I saw him at work and when I saw what he created. Congratulations truly from another planet. Well done Enrique

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Jonathan & Laura



Enrico is a true professional. Photos of him convey emotions and spending time with him is a real pleasure. Super Enrique!!!



When photography becomes art... we have transformed Enrico's fantastic shots into 4 beautiful canvases for our little house! ...We liked Enrico immediately from the first meeting and during the engagement service we were sure that we had done the right thing by choosing him for our wedding! ...with Enrico professionalism, sympathy, availability and breathtaking photos are guaranteed! Highly recommended!


Alberto & Beatrice

Enrico is a true photography professional!
he was able to capture every moment of our wedding with authentic shots, adopting a personal vision that differs from classic wedding photographs. He carries out his work with full availability, sympathy and without stealing any space from the celebrations. Thanks again for giving us such wonderful memories!




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